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As far as being hypocritical, any statement needs to be taken in context and my criticism about Psychiatry is relatively mild when you compare it to the horrible effect their drugs have on people. We are in a very dangerous point in our history in America when the Psychiatric industry and APA is trying to force American citizens, by law, to be evaluated by arbitrary, unscientifically based, surveys to evaluate whether a teenager is likely to commit suicide ( Teen Screen )or a pregnant woman is likely to experience Postpartum Depression (The Mother's Act ).

These surveys or interviews are not scientfically base as far as their evaluation and conclusion as to whether a person will be prone and worse than that, they are geared to ( and sponsored financially by Parmacuetical companies ) get as many people, forced by law, onto their drugs.

The truth is, many family members, friends, or teachers, know the therapies are not really going to help the indivdual get better and just recommend the treatment to get the person drugged to a manageable (dominated) state. But the long term effects are negative. The drugged person becomes a burden instead of a productive, creative, independant, self-sufficient, prosperous citizen. And they become a time-bomb on the drugs, with a higher potential for eventually committing an act of violence against themself or others.

Sadly enough, many people recommending a person seek or get Psychiatrict or Pscyological treatment, are operating from a deceptive emotional tone level. If you look at the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation, you will see this tone level as "Covert Hostility". It is a level just above fear. It is the emotional tone level many people and politicians and other authorities operate at. It is a very non-survival, dangerous, tone level employing as it's main weapon, deception, lies (bad advice) and betrayal.

It is a level of interaction where the person gives another advice, under the pretense of caring and concern, but with a true, hidden agenda of steering the other person in a direction that will lead to their ruin or disability so the person giving the advice has a better chance of competing in the world and in their career. This is explained in the book by L. Ron Hubbard, "Science of Survival".

Let's not forget, people are still being committed against their will and have virtually no civil rights once committed because they are labled "insane". So Psychiatrists can give them shock treatment, for $900 per treatment, sending 400 volts through their head, or any other legalized torture they call treatment, which has no scientific benefit to the patient and usually disables them. And the person has no legal right to protest or deny receiving that treatment.

What would you think of a neighbor that poisons their neighbor's dog because it chews up their flower bed and relieves itself on the lawn.? What the Psychiatrists are doing isn't really that different.
They can take a 70 year old woman against her will and give her 3 electroshock treatments a week just because she complains too much in a nursing home. The justification is that it's the only treatment that would get her to stop being such a nuisance to the caretakers, after trying drugs that failed to quite her. So sure, just fry her brains out so she's nice and quiet and make a cool $2000 - $3000 from Medicare in the process.

So you have a profession willing to deny Americans their constitutional rights, in the name of mental health expertise, forcing people to become addicted to harmful psychiatric drugs that have little proven benifit and many proven severe, harmful side effects, including those that actually increase the likelyhood of thoughts and attempts of suicide, not a reduction. In any other industry this would be seen obviously as fraud. And it should be seen as fraud and as inhumane.

The system is a money-making-machine and a way for the government or other people that know or interact with the patient (family members, "friends", school teachers, politicians etc.), to get them out of society so they are not "annoying" or threatening to those people. It has nothing to do with helping the person with their mental health and well being. It has nothing to do with actually curing their "condition" and getting them back to functioning normally, productively and living a happy, fullfilling life.The evidence is all readily available at

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