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Some say life is but a dream. Others criticize people for living in a dream world. And it has been said that a man without dreams is dead.

Silence delivers on a silver cosmic patter to You, in a perhaps unfair and deceptively childish manner, an ultimate and primary truth about life and reality.

What people have pondered to themselves for eons, in thoughts scattered near and far, has finally been put down in words.

Words that can no longer escape us, along with the truth they behold.

And with that truth is power and freedom... forever.


Martin Luther King once said, “I have a Dream . . . ,” and every thing was inspired because all things have Dreams. People have dreams. Plants have dreams. The earth and sky have dreams. The donut holes have dreams. And these dreams are very important to One. One cannot Let Free of the Dreams until they become Reality.

One might say, “That is ridiculous! All of my dreams have not come true. I am certain of it!” Perhaps One is right. After all, the contents of this story is only a Dream. Let’s take a look at this Dream. Let’s see if it becomes Reality. One might think so. One will see, quite ironically, this Dream is a Dream about Reality.

In this Dream there are four basic Eternal Laws of Reality. At first they might sound too funny or even too ridiculous to talk about. But Let’s not be too quick to judge! Are not Dreams often too funny or ridiculous to talk about? There are Four Eternal Laws of Reality . . .

The First Eternal Law of Reality is-
1) Dreams exist.
The Second Eternal Law of Reality is-
2) There exists the Eternal Insistence to Let Free.
The Third Eternal Law of Reality is-
3) One cannot Let Free of Dreams until they become Reality.
The Fourth Eternal Law of Reality is-
4) The Greatest Task is that in which all tasks are of equal magnitude.

One says, “Dreams, dreams, dreams. Enough about dreams! My head is already clogged up with dreams. When do we talk about Reality? And furthermore, why should I believe in Your reality or dream, or whatever it is? To Me these laws form a tautology. They say nothing about this world!” Yes and no....

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