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Brainstorm Blizzard

The original movie Brainstorm was one of the first science fiction movies to address thought and experience sharing via future computer and electronics technology.

The implications were simple and straightforward, leaving much to desire by today's standards.

While not a deep, complex mystery, Brainstorm Blizzard provides another angle of the ramifications of such technology. Rather than simply providing annoying social and legal issues to debate and fight over, could future technology help man discover his true nature and salvation?

Brainstorm Blizzard sends you on a blast of a belief busting, mindbending roller coaster ride whose layers of messages unfold hours, days and weeks after you have finished reading it.

The story seems simple on the surface but the implications are gut grinding and will shake loose whatever mind mud is still clogging up your spiritual knowingness and wisdom.


...The recordings were named “xone” files, the x being for experience and the one for feeling as if the “C” person playing the recording is one with the “R” person that originally recorded it. It was pronounced like “zone”, implying also that the copycat was in the zone of the recorder....

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