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The Author then and now

Norman J. Schoonebeek

6th grade

1979 - the year of "the stories" - recent college graduate
with B.A. in Philosophy, at sister's wedding

June 2009 at his mother's 90th birthday party
( cropped - uncropped)

A brief biography-

Norman J. Schoonebeek was born in 1957 and has spent most of his life on Long Island, NY.

As a child he wanted to be a pilot but in his teens was reluctant to consider pursuing military training because of the Viet Nam war.

He became enraptured with physics in high school and while visiting friends in Florida was introduced to Eastern Philosophy, books about Edgar Cayce and Ruth Montgomery and reincarnation.

He started his own spiritual journey in his freshman year of college in 1975 when he learned the basics of Transcendental Meditation.

As a freshman he had a near-death experience surfing that revealed to him his immortality and some basic truths about Life he would cherish forever.

His studies in a college course on Buddhism sealed his fate and he abandoned his Physics major for Philosophy in search of the ultimate truths of Life.

In his senior year at SUNY Oneonta, NY, he wrote the short stories Frog, Harry and Silence.

In January 1980 he drove across the U.S. from New York to San Diego, California, via a visit with his friends in Deland, Florida and enjoyed the surfer life in North County living in Encinitas and Leucadia.

In 1981 he spotted a Dianetics book by L. Ron Hubbard and was delighted to learn about Dianetics auditing.

Returning to New York to be closer to his family he explored life and careers on Long Island, while testing ideas he learned during his college days as a Philosophy major, and what he learned at the San Diego Church of Scientology.

In 1995 he was inspired to write the story "Cured- Brainstorm II", now titled "Brainstorm Blizzard".

He has experience in manufacturing missile fuses and high voltage power supplies, computer and portrait sales, driving buses and 5 years as a Scientologist.

After recently coming very close to getting killed in a car accident he felt an urgency to publish his short stories.

It is his hope that his concepts and short stories in Zen N will guide people in the right direction through the gargantuan maze of misleading ideas, rules and laws we typically are being encouraged or required to believe or follow.

His love for Buddhism and Zen is as deep as the deepest ocean, for it was the path that could lead men and women to a higher freedom in our ancient times.

But times have changed, life is much more complex and rather than to ignore or shun technology Norman J. Schoonebeek has chosen to embrace the vast array of technology of Dianetics and Scientology. Technology that finally answers our prayers for a precise and repeatable way to help people reach the spiritual freedom attained sporadically with different forms of Buddhism.

There were two tasks to accomplish with Zen N. To enlighten people in our times to the fact that there is a higher state of existence and spiritual freedom that is more peaceful and sane than that promoted by governments, psychiatry and psychology and that that wisdom is the wisdom embodied in Buddhism and Zen.

And that the most advanced, accurate path we have, that we need to take before the mad men destroy our civilization on earth at this time, based on the ancient wisdom of the Vedas and Buddhism is Scientology. He hopes you give it a chance and give you and your loved ones a chance, once and for all...

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