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Take an adventure down a modern rabbit hole in the curious journey of Richard as he searches for the truth about his true self.

In a story where animals talk and human logic has little value , respect or power, you'll love this slightly Alice-in-Wonderland-like mystery.

Where Buddhist koans often fail to enlight the student and leave him bewildered, Frog delivers, head-on.


The Woods in Winter
The nature preserve near the author's childhood home that provided the background for Frog

...“It is not my job to be concerned with what or who a frog is. A frog knows that he is a frog and that is sufficient. However, you seem to be confused about frogs, humans and what you call ‘home’.

“I am certain that when you find your frog this confusion shall cease for yourself. It will then be my job to lead you out of the woods so you can return to your people.”

“Hasta luego, Owl Grande! I thank you for your help. You have told me only that a frog is green. However, I have my own bits and pieces of knowledge about frogs. I also have intuition. The same hunger that drives me to search for the frog will propel me to its home. I am good for nothing else until I fi nd the frog. So long, and again, thank you.”

“Good luck Richard. And I hope you are right about your intuition. I hope for your sake that the driving force is within you as you believe and not emanating from the very frog you are looking for. Otherwise, you might end up something of a fool with frogs being as elusive as they are.”

“Oh frog, dear frog, I live in a fog
When you I discover, my brain will unclog.
Sticks and stones and cherry trees
Watch out for wasps and bumble bees!
Winding rivers, snakes and bugs
Not like home with red shag rugs.
Robins, crows and rabbits, too
My foot just sank in green-brown goo!”...

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