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Ditch Plains


Follow Susan as she battles her bigger brother Peter in an epic struggle for the right to be free and the choice one must make to risk danger or death itself. Everyone wants freedom but how many are actually brave enough to risk it all?


...As Pete nears the fear stricken prey, Susan slowly inhales and holds her breath. Without blinking, she glues her eyes to the cabinet door where, at any moment, Pete’s lecherous eyes and foaming mouth may appear....

...Susan, lying on her side in cut-off jeans, a Snoopy T-shirt and Pro-Ked basketball sneakers, gives a ‘you still love me don’t you?’ look while directing all of her glimmer to her shining blonde hair, Charlie Brown smile and flickering eyelids, revealing blue eyes containing all the beauty of the world....

...Darkness falls upon her as she is caught in the shadow of Pete’s massive body hovering over her own Bambi-like frame. Pete reveals his fangs and Susan gasps, preparing to die. Being the inexperienced woman that she is, eight year old Susan knows she is totally defenseless against a brother twice her age. Her long life passes before her....

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