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Introduction to Zen N

The 4 following videos were filmed while riding out Hurricane Irene of August 2011
in Holtsville, Long Island, NY on Sunday August 28.

FYI - They were shot using a Sony Bloggie in MP4 format.
They were edited with Microsoft Live Movie Maker, which doesn't support MP4
and so the videos were converted using the freeware program Format Factory, to the .wmv format.
Then YouTube does their formating routine. Somewhere along the line, as you may notice, the video and audio end up slightly out of sync.
It is our hope that the original master recordings will be reprocessed with less distortion, in the future.

Hurricane Irene 2011

Why Psychiatry is Destroying America


Outside Norm's apartment during Hurricane Irene
This video was taken once Irene was downgraded to a Tropical Storm and it was safer to venture outstide.
For some reason this video is choppy, straight from the raw footage stored in the camcorder.

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