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Psychiatry and Psychology

There are some very caring Psychiatrists and Pschologists that have some good advise that can help people.

But a lot of this is good old common sense.

Change the diet. Change the environment. Remove the person from suppressive or abusive family members, friends, neighbors etc.

Educate them about the evils of street drugs, etc.

And add to that other common sense ideas that have been known throughout the history of man, succinctly described as "The Golden Rule" and the other typical sets of common sense moral codes.

The problem is that if a person can't apply these basic common sense rules and suggestions, it's because of the content in their reactive mind and only Dianetics technology handles the reactive mind. Drugs do not and have harmfull side effects.

So while I recognize that a certain percentage of people have legitamate serious mental illnesses, I don't agree with how Psychiatry and Psychology lable them and their solutions.

My anger at people living off taxpayers and "Section 8" housing is not at the people with the handicap, because they are forced by law and the "system" of the government to accept the bogus theories, lables and therapies. The anger is at the Psychiatrists and Psychologists who are knowingly pretending to be experts in a field they have no real, genuine expertise in.

They are given authority by the government to diagnose and treat but authority is not genuine knowledge or expertise. It is simply lawful power to tell people they have a particular mental illness and have to receive a certain treatment.

But the treatments do not cure, they only help them (sometimes) cope.

And when you know what Dianetics and Scientology can explain and solve, it becomes glaringly obvious that the current government system of "Mental Health" employing Psychiatrists and Psychologists, has artificially created a mass population of mentally ill people worldwide.

Probably over 90 percent of people diagnosed as having a bipolar or other mental illness could be easily treated with very simple Scientology Volunteer Minister Technology.

So while I understand it would be devastating for the thousands of Pscychiatrists and countless Psychologists to be out of work, you have to weight the harm being done to millions of children, teenagers, adults and seniors. The facts are ugly. And to ignore them should be considered criminal.

Assuming they are not all just going to suddenly resign from their careers as Psychiatrists or Psychologists, there is no reason they can't just take a second look at Dianetics, in a new light, and choose to recommend it as a primary handling for personal problems. There's no reason they can't start offering to give their patients Dianetics auditing, as long as they don't mix it with other techniques or concepts while actually giving a Dianetics auditing session and as long as they follow the Auditor's Code.

Dianetics and Scientology technology have a real understanding of the human mind and spirit and can and do solve the problems of mental illness, as long as it is not perpetuated by suppressive people intimate to the person or by the government mental health system itself.

My comments have nothing to do with mental illnesses or handicaps that are caused by physical conditions of their nervous system or brain. That is the field of medicine.

You will probably find the most harsh criticisms of anything I say by media that have Psychiatric Pharmaceutical companies as their bigger advertising clients.

They will say, claim and do anything to protect their drugs and profits.

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