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Level 3 TM

There are many popular sayings or instructions to turn your attention or vision inward toward the center of your head or brain as if the answeres lay deep in the recesses of your brain cells.

Some examples: "look within"; "the answer lies within"; "look within yourself"; "you have the answers within you"; "search/look deeper into yourself"; "forget the external world and go within yourself".

We've confused our true nature and self with that of the body and it's emotions and thoughts.

You learn in the Scientology BASICS lectures that we as spiritual beings originally were not trapped inside a body or head but became curious when we came upon human bodies and other bodies and in trying to experience what that body was feeling and thinking, we would get pulled in and seduced by the sensations of the body to be more and more inside the body's head until here we are trapped in human heads in a complex labyrinth of implanted or embedded thoughts and energies that prevent many people from being exterior to their body.

Scientology processing can help a person to still enjoy their body and it's perceptions but from an awareness and viewpoint that you are a spiritual being using your body rather than from a psychiatric or pscyhology viewpoint that your thoughts and awareness are just chemical and electrical activities of the brain cells and neurons.

So while you can discover the emotions, perceptions and thoughts of the body you currently inhabit by introverting, you won't find the answers to your true beingness, your current problems or the answers to life by introverting and looking within.

When I first had Scientology auditing where I recalled a memory ("facsimile") from the past I was surprised to see it full size, in 3D, out in the space before me, just as when it originally had happened. Perhaps that is why people call Psychiatrists "shrinks". They convince you to shrink your memories of your past experiences into a litte space inside your head/brain.

That's one reason it's helpful to demo stuff you study, outside your head, with physical objects, as described in Study Technology, by L. Ron Hubbard, along with getting a balance of significance and physical mass of stuff you study. A free booklet on Study Technology can also be downloaded from note- this particlular purpose of using demo's in studying is something I personally came to the conclusion about and this opinion was not necessarily shared by L. Ron Hubbard.

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